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Med Yachting magazine


The med|ICT team dealt with the analysis, design, implementation of the information system and the development of the CMS. It also deals with editorial articles in IT/EN and their spread in various social media.

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Project: Mediterranean Yachting Magazine.

MED-YACHTING is a project born in partnership with EUROBLU INTERNATIONAL, a leading company in the development, design and management of business networks for the nautical sector in the Mediterranean.

A digital magazine, completely free, in two languages (English and Italian), accessible from any device connected to the internet and intended to be a disclosure tool for the nautical sector and the enhancement of the Mediterranean coastal areas with a particular focus on foreign countries.

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Collaborative vision

The goal is to collaborate with companies, universities, study and research centers, national and international institutions, business networks, consortia and associations to analyze specific and homogeneous markets, enhance the strengths, improve the international perception and brand reputation, finding synergistic solutions to common problems and training company staff to the use of new technologies. Diffusion of digital marketing for the enhancement of companies, activities and of the territory (with particular interest in foreign markets), business training, economies of scale ... but also social responsibility and the protection of our ecosystem for sustainable development: these are the main activities of the project.

Arch. Barbara Bonetti


First of all, we defined the audience to reach ...

Before offering specific services, we started to define an "audience" of visitors with an online magazine that provides news and previews on super yachts, events and lifestyle oriented mainly to the Mediterranean basin. A digital, modern, fast and interactive magazine, in line with what the yachting enthusiast expects to see. News with lots of photos and videos and a synthetic text, correlated by links to the various websites and social media (Facebook, Istagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and YouTube). A magazine not addressed to "experts" but intended for enthusiasts all over the world. After all, we are in the center of the Mediterranean, one of the most beautiful places in the world for boating ...

mediterranean ... what else?!?!